History Comes Home

Jenks & Cattell History Comes Home

History Comes Home

We are incredibly proud of our history here at Jenks & Cattell Engineering, so it was to our delight when a member of the public found a vinatge Extended Trowel in their garden shed and asked if we'd like it back for hisortical interest. This item made it's way back 'home' to us around 4 years ago and we believe it would have originally been manufactured here at our site on Neachells Lane, Wolverhampton for a contract we once had with Woolworths in the late 60's.



Our Technical Director, Craig Jeavons, is a lover of all things antique and has a passion for the history of UK Manufacturing so, on his travels has sought out many other Jenks & Cattell artifacts. He came across these two Gardening Forks. One at a Flea Market in Shrewsbury and the other at an Antiques Shop in Bridgnorth. He picked them up for just a few pounds each. We understand these were also produced in the mid-60's early 70's, we also believe that one of them had a right-handed owner due to the wear on the fork prongs. 



We feel it important to share our past with staff members and customers a-like so we have had these items mounted and framed to go on display around our site for all to enjoy. We will be adding more to our collection as we go along, so, if you ever pay us a visit be sure to keep an eye out for them!




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