Congratulations to Mick on 50 Years Service (and counting)

Jenks & Cattell Congratulations to Mick on 50 Years Service (and counting)

One person at Jenks & Cattell passed quite a serious mile stone recently, as Mick Jones (Our Mick), one of our longest serving employees passed through 50 years service with us.

Mick joined us directly from school and has been at Jenks & Cattell Engineering ever since.

Craig Jeavons, Technical Director stated:

"What an achievement, the likes that most of us mere mortals, shall never witness in our careers!

I am going to achieve 25 years myself this year, but I cannot believe that Mick has actually doubled that feat.

We would all like to pass on our congratulations to you Mick, for this monumental mile stone.

Your skills and knowledge now needs to passed onto our ‘younger’ members of the team, so your work is not complete yet mate”


Mick has been a key member of our Quality Control department since he started, and when onto to state:

“I have worked with many people during those years, and liked most of them along the way.

I have also seen many, many people come, go and some come back, making friends with most.” 


Mick also met his beloved wife Mary, who worked at Jenks and Cattell in the 1970’s, so the company has been more than just his place of work for over 50 years, it’s also been a massive part of his entire life. Mick seen here with his colleagues in our QC team Tracy, Darren, Sarah and Jack, receiving a few gifts of both gratitude and achievement, including a box of his favourite tipple, a tour for him and 5 buddies to go round our local Bank’s brewery and a meal voucher for a local ‘bistro’ pub.

(Trust Mary enjoys the bistro at least eh Mick!?)

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