Continued Growth Within Our Welding Procedures

Jenks & Cattell Continued Growth Within Our Welding Procedures

Great news, Jenks and Cattell Engineering have added another ‘Zurich approved’ weld procedure, to our existing catalogue.

Dave, pictured receiving the certificate from Craig, programmed one of our recently installed robot welders to achieve a commonly used 5mm fillet weld.

Craig, Technical Director, said:

"This is our first weld to be ‘Zurich’ approved, on our recently installed ‘pulse welding’ equipment, and we are pleased that Dave's welding skill and ability got us through this approval."

Dave, our Weld Cell Team Leader stated:

"This is proof that we continue to develop our process’s, in order to provide the highest quality with our welding procedures."

This approval is part of Jenks and Cattell Engineering's commitment to deliver welding conformity to all of our customer metal assemblies, and it is just the start to attaining further approvals in the future.

The weld parameters which Dave programmed to gain this approval shall now be used for welds on products that require the same fillet size on the same material grade.

The resultant welds shall be continually tested and assessed in our own internal weld test facility.

For further information on our manual welding and robotic welding capability, please contact our team.

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