Dal Retires After 44 Years Service

Jenks & Cattell Dal Retires After 44 Years Service

Colleagues of both past and present have gathered today to say goodbye to a lifelong and valued employee of Jenks & Cattell Engineering. 

Dal started with Jenks & Cattell on 14th October 1974 at 24 years of age, and after almost 44 years of service the day has come that he will retire from us.

Speaking of Dal's departure, Craig Jeavons - Technical Director, who has worked with Dal for 25 years, said:

"During Dal's time, he has become an integral part of our work force setting our tools through both some very good and very difficult operating times, but has always gone about his duties commendably. Helping team mates and others when needed.

Dal in that time has almost seen everybody come and go, with the exception of two members, meaning that he is the third longest serving guy we have today.

I am sure we are all going to miss him, however as this chapter closes another one opens and you will now have the time to wonder around the sprawling valleys of Wednesifeld, instead of your beloved shop floor."

On behalf of Jenks & Cattell, we offer thanks to Dal for all the hard work, commitment and efforts over the last 44 years, and offer the best of luck for the future. 

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