Experts in Robotic Welded Assemblies

Jenks & Cattell Experts in Robotic Welded Assemblies

Experts in Welded Assemblies

Jenks & Cattell Engineering provide a complete sub-con sheet metal fabrication service, including the welding of all components, where required.

We have an impressive welded assembly area in our West Midlands based factory, including C02 manual welding with 2 manual welding bays, 6 robotic welders and over 20 spot & projection welding facilities.

4 of our robot welders were brand new and commissioned in 2016 and offer our customers welding repeatability with all welds being identical on customer components, manufactured at speed and being mostly automated, increases the cost saving benefit for users.

Jenks & Cattell weld very small components, up to sizeable and complex metal assemblies including exhaust & engine systems and can add accessories such as nuts, studs, bolts and pipes clips etc…

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Jenks & Cattell Engineering are renowned for the quality of our welds with our strict process of checking each weld at the first off of every production run in our Macro Weld Test Facility to determine root penetration depth, this is then recorded and physically kept for 3 months.

Our welding team also endure a number of internal and external examinations and continuous training to ensure quality throughout all areas of our welding department.

In 2016 we were recognised as a key welding supplier to Caterpillar, and was one of the few suppliers in the UK to receive Caterpillars supplier award of Welding Excellence.

The Facts:

  • Our manual welding team are Zurich approved welders, offering excellent quality welding
  • Our robot welders offer a cost & time saving within manufacturing
  • We can weld all metals including stainless steel & aluminium

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