Investing In Our Team and Customer’s MIG Welding Service

Jenks & Cattell Investing In Our Team and Customer’s MIG Welding Service

As part of our continued continuous improvement philosophy regards to our welding, we have held yet another training and awareness session with all our current ‘MIG’ welding team.

The presentation and training was delivered to all our direct production guys, as well as our Quality Control and MIG weld Team leader.

Craig Jeavons, Technical Director, stated  "Even though this is part of a customer specific requirement, we roll it out to cover and include all of our customers ‘MIG’ welding requirements."

All the guys were subjected to a test at the end, which requires at least an 80% pass rate in order for them to receive our internal certificate of competence.

After the presentation, is was terrific to see that all our team members passed the test!

Congratulations to them all!!

Craig closed out the 2 hour get together by stating: "These sessions are very important, and further embed our existing procedures into our day to day welding service that we supply and we shall continue with this type of approach, as we firmly believe it brings our ‘Team’ closer together and more effective."

All the team commented that this shall assist them within their ‘day to day’ roles and responsibilities they have within the department and Dave Marriot, our MIG weld section Team Leader, stated: "The session well worthwhile as the same message was delivered, to all our team members’

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