Kevan Teaching Our Next Generation

Jenks & Cattell Kevan Teaching Our Next Generation

With the fine skill of press tooling being a dying art within the sheet metal engineering industry, Kevan, Engineering Manager, has taken it upon himself to teach the next generation of Jenks & Cattell Engineering employees everything that over 20 years of experience within the industry has taught him.

Kevan is an apprentice trained press tool engineer to HNC level, and in his own time has completed formal lesson plans and invited anyone interested in progressing their knowledge in press / stamping tools along to “Understanding Press Tooling Open Door Workshop” with Kevan as their teacher.

Since the beginning of August, an average of 15 people aged 18-40 have spent their lunch time once a week with Kevan to further their education; within an industry well known for having a skills age gap.

Kevan said: “I hope to run 40 sessions over a 12-month period, and attendance is on a completely voluntary basis, and on a want to learn basis. There are no tests or exams, and the occasional practical exercise on the shop floor to keep it interesting.

We will progress to real life examples in the press shop and view Jenks & Cattell examples and process”

Jenks & Cattell Engineering Ltd are very aware of the skills gap in the sheet metal industry, and have been very focussed over the last 5 years to employ graduates and apprentices, with 2017 seeing an intake of 3 new apprentices.

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