Lal Retires After 44 Years’ Service

Jenks & Cattell Lal Retires After 44 Years’ Service

Lal joined Jenks & Cattell Engineering Ltd on 22nd April 1974 as a youthful 23-year-old and we are sad to see him retire today, and everyone would like to offer our best wishes for Lal’s retirement.

Jeremy King, Managing Director presented Lal with a gift from everyone at Jenks & Cattell and thanked him for all his work ethic, commitment and eagerness for overtime, and jokingly referred to him as the ‘factory cat’.  

Impressively, Lal was known for being a good striker on the Jenks & Cattell football team back in the early days. Lal remembers a lot of the company history, starting with him manufacturing garden tools and later moving on to the coil fed heavy presses in our tool shop.

Lal is a passionate family man, and we all wish him happiness and more time spent with his family in retirement.

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