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Jenks & Cattell Made in the Black Country

Celebrating Our Heritage – Black Country Day

14th July is now widely celebrated in the Black Country, and is well known to the locals as Black Country Day.

Jenks and Cattell Engineering has been in Black Country engineering industry since 1886 and are proud to be in the heart of the metal industry in Wednesfield, West Midlands for over 130 years.

We began manufacturing garden tools before moving on to becoming one of the biggest presswork and laser fabrication engineering companies in the West Midlands.

We are proud of our heritage and ‘good old fashioned’ engineering and currently supply both local and international customers and have a constant focus on working with local suppliers, customers and schools to keep the future of Black Country engineering alive.

For any fellow Black Country companies who buy any sheet metal work, please or pop in to Jenks and Cattell on Neachells Lane to discuss how our manufacturing services of presswork, welding and laser cutting can be offered at competitive costs and local rates.

To many of our customers who are not familiar with ‘The Black Country’, we hope you find the following top Black Country facts interesting:

  1. Gained its name from the black smoke from the thousands of ironworking foundries and forges.
  2. Located in the West Midlands, including the Dudley, Walsall, Sandwell and Wolverhampton Boroughs.
  3. During the Industrial Revolution, the Black Country was one of the most industrialised parts of Britain, with coal mines, iron foundries and steel mills, producing a high level of air pollution.
  4. There is a Black Country Museum  & Castle in Dudley. Please visit!
  5. Residents of the Black Country are often known as ‘Yam Yams, due to the pronunciation of ‘You’ being ‘Yam’
  6. Famous for dialect, and there is an official black country alphabet:

A – Opple (Apple)

B- Nana (Banana)

C – Council Pop (Water)

D – Donnies (Hands)

E – Ere-ya-goo (Here You Go)

F – Fittle

G – Giz-a-Goo – (Give A Go)

H – Oss (Horse)

I – Ickle (Small)

J – Jed (Dead)

K – Kaylied (Drunk)

L – Loike (Like)

M – Mucker (Mate)

N – Nah (No)

O – Owamya (How are you?)

P – Tater (Potato)

Q – Quid (Pound)

R – Riffy (Dirty)

S – Suck (Sweets)

T – Tara-a-bit (Bye)

U – Um (Home)

V – Old mons vest (Vest)

W– Ooman (Woman)

X – Kiss ay it

Y – Yampy

Z – Stripy Oss (Zebra)

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