Mick Celebrates 49 Years at Jenks & Cattell

Jenks & Cattell Mick Celebrates 49 Years at Jenks & Cattell

Everyone at Jenks & Cattell is are pleased and proud to announce that 'our Mick' has achieved 49 years service working with Jenks & Cattell Engineering.

Mick started with Jenks & Cattell on 12th August 1968 on our Neachells Lane factory (current factory), and as you can imagine, has seen some massive changes in 49 years of Jenks & Cattell's 131 year lifetime!

Mick has been our First Off Quality Inspector for many years, and is now passing his wealth of knowledge on to our youth to enable Jenks & Cattell to continue our keen quality standards for the future. 

We are taking this year to celebrate, however with Mick holding so much knowledge, we are lucky that he has told us that he isnt thinking of retiring any time soon.

Craig Jeavons, Technical Director, who has worked with Mick for almost 20 years said; "What a terrific achievement, not only for Mick, but for Jenks & Cattell, the likes of which are very rare in this day and age. 

His dedication and reliability is exceptional. 49 years service and still going strong - well done our Mick!"

Barry Downs, Engineering Director, was pleased to gift Mick with a box of craft beers to which Mick said; "Thanks, there looks one or two good ones in there."

We have no doubt that they shall be sampled very soon.

Tracy Richards, Quality Assurance Manager, handmade a congratulations card, which we hope Mick will keep for posterity.

Once again, congratulations Mick! Heres to the next 49 years?

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