Reducing Our Customers Tooling Costs - Pressed Metal Components

Jenks & Cattell Reducing Our Customers Tooling Costs - Pressed Metal Components

Reducing Our Customers Tooling Costs

With Black Friday & Cyber Monday now safely out of the way, Jenks & Cattell have a continuous focus and improvement on reducing costs and maintaining quality for all of our customers.

We have developed a successful nine-year relationship with three Chinese companies to offer our customer’ pressing and stamping tooling at a reduced cost, and a very impressively fast lead time.

Using tool makers in China allows Jenks & Cattell to offer our customers a reduction of 45-50% in costs on purchasing tooling, and we can see lead times of 7 weeks for samples, and 16 weeks to production.

In 2015-16 alone, we procured over £2m worth of tooling from China for various customers who use our UK manufacturing facilities. With the tooling considered, and the most effective manufacturing method of progression tooling to pressed / stamped metal components, we are able to save customers up to 35% in piece part price, with a pay back of just 7 months.

Our Tooling and Project Engineers regularly visit our suppliers in China, to project manage the process and ensure that the UK quality standards of our customers are maintained, and we also guarantee material quality as we ship UK material over to China to complete samples & trials. With our strong relationship, we are in a position to keep our customers up-to-date with the progress of their manufacturing process and at times, improve lead time.

Jenks and Cattell Engineering Ltd do have a tool-shop on site at our Wolverhampton engineering factory, which enables our specialist toolmakers to adapt and maintain tools throughout the tools working life, which increases quality and product life-cycle for our customers.

For our sheet metal manufacturing, Jenks & Cattell Engineering in Wolverhampton, have capability to produce simple to complex components and have an excellent range of coil fed progression presses, standard presses and pick & place transfer line presses. Please view our Plant List.

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