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Established in 1886, we are a leading metal stamping presswork engineering company with over 130 years experience in the sheet metal manufacturing industry, exporting presswork worldwide from the West Midlands.

Jenks & Cattell Engineering Ltd provide a mid-high volume metal stampings, utilising over 30 power presses ranging from 10 to 1000 tonnes.

We offer our customers our single operation presses, coil-fed progression presses and our AIDA line to provide cost effective sheet metal stamping manufacturing methods for both simple and complex pressed metal parts and metal components of various sizes to excellent precision.

  • 250 tonne progression press
  • 400 tonne progression press - feeding a 1 meter coil
  • 500 tonne progression press - feeding a 0.8 meter coil
  • 750 tonne pick & place press
  • 1000 tonne press

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Jenks & Cattell Engineering Small AIDA

Technical Automotive Metal Stamping Experts

"Our Wolverhampton, West Midlands, based engineering company is in the heart of the manufacturing industry, and Jenks & Cattell Engineering have over 130 years of metal stamping and presswork experience.

Being one of the most established metal pressworkers in the UK, we have dedicated and highly skilled operators with an in-depth understanding of our metal press machines, press tooling and their capabilities, and exceed KPI's.

We have manufactured billions of metal pressings and components, manufactured to lean production methods to our customers specification."

High Production Standards of Metal Stampings

Our AIDA line and progression presses’ precision and product quality are excellent; we have an impressive record of producing 15.4 million metal components whilst operating below the target 25 PPM on the AIDA line.

Fast Production

Our metal stamping service focus on fast production methods, producing up to 5,000 metal components per hour. Our presses automatically perform each operation consecutively along the one machine, with mere seconds between each operation.

Low Production Costs

High volume production costs are far lower on the AIDA Line and progression presses, due to a significant labour saving cost of up to 92%.

We either use existing tools or manufacture new tools utilising our 7-year relationship with tooling suppliers in China, with a saving of 70% compared to UK purchase.

Our project development team work closely with customers to drive costs down; components are designed to be manufactured with minimal material waste.

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