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Jenks & Cattell Engineering Progression Presses


An impressive range of progression presses, transfer lines and single operation presses, from 10 to 1000 tonnes join our manufacturing facilities for cost effective stamped metal components.

Jenks & Cattell Engineering, Wolverhampton, have over 30 presses including large bed progression presses & pick and place transfer presses for mid-high volume production of sheet metal pressed components.

In 2016, we invested over £1m in a 250 tonne and 400 tonne progression press to add to our engineering company.

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Jenks & Cattell Engineering Laser Fabrication


Our laser fabrication area is ideal and cost effective for cutting components of up to 5000 per year, and for prototype and development stages.

We have two laser machines cutting from 0.8mm-25mm sheet metal, complimented with our brake presses and welding facilities to offer a complete fabricated metal part.

Laser fabrication is most effective for low volume production, with little tooling investment.

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Jenks & Cattell Engineering Manuak and Robotic Welding


Our West Midlands site offers both manual and robotic welding facilities, Jenks and Cattell Engineering have an outstanding welded assembly area to meet many customer demands.

Our skilled welding team can provide solutions for our customers simple to complex welded assemblies, utilising our accurate manual (spot, CD, projection, MIG & TIG) and robotic welding facilities on a wide range of materials, to manufacture both functional and mechanical assemblies

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